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How to speed up Akkoma (and Pleroma)

Fast and 😎-ious

#6 - Golden

#4 - Esquive

#5 Carte

Découvertes N°4: 07-10-2023

Quand y fait chaud, ça me fout le blues. Du moins jusqu'au soir.

#6 - Golden

#4 - Esquive

#4 Esquive

#3 Chemin

#2 Araignées

#1 Rêve

Découvertes N°3: 05-04-2023

Quand y'en a plus, y'en a encore

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Gorący czas w druku gazet

Zbliżające się wybory samorządowe i święta to gorący okres w branży

Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, February 26

28,000 Ukrainian citizens in Russian captivity -- Russia’s descent into totalitarianism: How it happened -- Russia preparing offensive for early summer -- Russian troops executed at least 7 Ukrainian POWs near Bakhmut -- Russian attack destroys Kostiantynivka Central Station in Donetsk Oblast -- and more

Investing Wisely: Evaluating the Cost of Concrete Mixer Pump Ownership

Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, February 25

Ukraine's security services allegedly behind attack on Russian steel plant -- Situation in Ukraine grave, but not hopeless; More Russian soldiers have likely died to seize Avdiivka than died in the entire Soviet-Afghan war -- It’s been 2 years and world’s on the brink. Time to wake up or fall -- US philanthropist pledges $300 million for Ukraine in 2024 -- and more

Какая польза от посещения бани? Рассказывает петербургский пармастер Артём Кадж

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, February 24

West has made a lot of mistakes in Russia-Ukraine war -- Ukraine shoots down another Russian A-50 aircraft over Azov Sea -- Ukrainian crowdfunding campaign raises $7.8 million for sea drone fleet in record 36 hours -- Fire reported at Russian steelmaker in Lipetsk Oblast -- US Senator Schumer in Lviv: 'Without aid, Ukraine will lose war, with aid it will win' -- and more

Vangelis - Blade Runner (1982)

Colecciones de música en cassette.

Christina Pluhar - Los Impossibles (2006)

Colecciones de música en cassette.

Brian Eno - Discreet Music (1975)

Colecciones de música en cassette.

Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi. The Four Seasons (2012)

Colecciones de música en cassette.

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, February 23

Almost 50% of Poles believe a Russian attack on Poland is likely -- Medvedev's rhetoric echoes Stalin -- War with Russia is 'not a stalemate' -- White House sends House Republicans 'vacation reading' about consequences of congressional inaction in Ukraine -- and more

7 причин, почему нужно систематизировать владельцу свой бизнес прямо сейчас

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