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Recently I’ve been finding photos of male models going back to the 50s in various places (tumblr) and I decided to share some of them here.

This is a SFW blog. If you see an image you know of the original model / photographer, want to send a thing, or need something removed - email heyguys the_at_sign sus.fr.

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Bob Jensen

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After The Gym

in boots because why not

Bob Mann

Classic Beefcake Pose

At the lake

GIF'd for your pleasure

Young Physique

June 1962

Ulf Gson

This is the only photo I could find, if you know of others let me know !

Good looking model from I assume the 50s

Not often you find gentlemen with a bit of chest hair

The Archer

and a leaf

Day at the Beach

While the weather is nice go down to the beach

Shower Scene

Just some jocks doing jock things

Just a dude on a couch

Book, Cig 'n Chill

Vic Seipke

Photographer unknown