How to speed up your web app experience on Android

Gotta go fast

To interact with people at, I use the Progressive Web App (PWA) offered by our user interface Mangane.

Sadly, on my “old” Android phone (a Google Pixel 3A) the overall experience used to be kinda sluggish and slow. With only a few tweaks, I achieved to speed up things. By a lot.


I used Chrome to install the’s PWA on my phone since the integration is a lot better than the one proposed by Firefox (even if it’s still the best browser, of course).

Firefox is the best browser

So these tips only apply to you if you do the same, even if I’m pretty sure you can find similar settings on Firefox.

The settings

  1. First type chrome://flags on the Chrome’s URL bar
  2. On the “Search flags” field type ‘Smooth scrolling’
  3. Enable it Enable smooth scrolling (Yeah it’s marked unavailable here, but it will be available on your phone. Trust me.)
  4. Back on the “Search Flags” field, type ‘GPU rasterization’
  5. Enable it Enable GPU rasterization
  6. Click on the relaunch popup that appeared at the bottom of your screen at step 3
  7. Launch your PWA
  8. TADA ! You can go fast now.

Sonic goes fast